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Looking Lovely…Underneath

On my bad days, I have this thing where I pick out some super cute undies (matching, of course) that make me feel 100% better. It’s like me own little fabulous secret. Quality lingerie can be hard to come by when you’re on a budget. Matching sets often cost anywhere from $60 – $300 when you’re looking for great fabric and a good fit. The cheapo stuff I’ll occasionally grab from the Victoria Secret sale bin or maybe the Target undie aisle doesn’t count for the days I’m talking about – I’m talking about a lingerie set you keep on the ready. It can be a base layer for a big date or, if you’re like me, the secret weapon to a little pick-me-up on a rough morning full of self-conscious thoughts.

This deal is a good one. Get a great bra and some super sexy panties for $55.94 altogether! I love this set – it’s very pin-up girl meets modern day attorney.

Happy shopping, fashionable friends!

Pleasure State White Label Simple Joy Set ($55.94)