Closet Staple #1 – Deconstructed Denim

So, I try to keep things pretty cheap around here but there are some timeless pieces worth the occasional splurge. The key to knowing when to splurge is being able to identify something that will last you more than two or three seasons and that you feel you could be comfortable in at any age.

One of my favorite closet basics is a great pair of jeans. The boyfriend jean, especially the deconstructed boyfriend jean, is one of my favorite fits and can transition seamlessly from outfit to outfit. There’s a way to do denim and there’s a way NOT to do denim and I’m going to help you out by providing a few visual guidelines. [Note: Notice how many of the DO styles are paired with items already recommended to you by previous blog posts? I totally planned that.]

Firstly…this IS how we do denim:


My favorite deconstructed denim buy ($109.00)



This is how we DO NOT do deconstructed denim boyfriend jeans:






Happy shopping!

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