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Pin-strocity: Blueberry Kale Smoothie

My Day 6 Pinterest Review

I decided to give the Blueberry Kale Smoothie a go. In my opinion, this perfectly sweet-ish and healthy smoothie may become an ongoing breakfast option. I absolutely loved this recipe and my kiddo gulped it down quicker than you could say “chocolate milk”. Thank you Pinterest pinners for this awesome recipe!

Pin-spiration: Blueberry Kale Smoothie


Fab & Frugal Deal of the Day: Teeny Weeny Polka Dot Bikini

I love J. Crew’s swimsuit collection – they always fit great and last forever. This particular set from J. Crew is on sale and totally worth the leftover Christmas money. I recommend sizing up a bit in the cup size if you can since those triangle bikinis can sometimes be the perfect recipe for “wardrobe malfunction” if they’re not properly fit.

Happy shopping, fashionable friends!

J. Crew Dot Bikini ($59)



Fab & Frugal Deal of the Day: Emerald Maxi Dress

Good morning, fashionable friends!

I love this tiered maxi dress! The color is decadent and the shape is flattering. The fabric is very light and perfect for those summer date nights. The added value of the neckline detail means that jewelry can be kept to a minimum and hair would look fab up or down.

I’m hoping this will be in my closet by the time I get home. A girl can dream, right???

Emerald Green Tiered Maxi Dress ($99)

t Bags,

Fab & Frugal Deal of the Day #2: Gold & Tortoise Bib Necklace

I AM LOVING THIS SO MUCH! If you don’t know about Gilt Group, you’ve been missing out. Think designer everything on a regular gal’s budget (most of the time).

If you’re not a member of the awesome flash deal site, click this link and use me as your reference so that I can earn some credits to aid in my ongoing love affair with shopping: Gilt Group Invitation

Gold & Tortoise Bib Necklace ($59)


Fab & Frugal Deal of the Day: Bobby Pins

Good morning again, fashionable friends!

I love these adorable jeweled bobby pins from Nordstroms. They may seem a tad pricey for bobby pins, but they’re durable and timeless. They’re the perfect hint of sparkle for short hair or long hair and they can make a dull day bun seem like a work of art.

Go. Buy. Look fabulous!

Berry Bobby Pins ($10)

Berry Bobby Pins

Bonus Deal: Super Cute Lolo Sunglasses Pouch


Pin-strocity Day 5: Beat Dry Skin

Good morning, fashionable friends!

Day 5 of the sixty day challenge was probably close to one of the best things I’ve tested on Pinterest…ever. To be fair, my mom did mention something about this to me a few months ago, but I saw it on Pinterest and only then did I officially try it for the first time.

Winter air in Texas can be harsh. What suffers most from the turbulent wind and icy breeze is not so much my body temperature, but my skin. Everything just feels dry and sort of aged; however, this brilliant Pin has changed all of that.

#1. Shower/bathe in warm water (not hot)

#2. Towel dry skin very gently

#3. Apply a moisturizing oil. I included a link to my favorite body oil below, but the original Pinner recommended Johnson’s.

#4. Get dry (do your makeup, hair, etc.)

#5. Apply regular moisturizer




My Body Oil Favorites:

Lemon & Vitamin E Bath and Body Oil ($8)

Lemon Body Oil

Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil ($6)

Mama Bee

WGGGB receives the Very Inspiring Blogger award!

Thanks, dear #petrel41, for this generous gesture!

The rules of this award are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.

2. Display the award on your post.

3. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.

4. State 7 things about yourself.

  • I secretly wish I had an Australian accent.
  • I almost love shopping for my toddler son more than I like shopping for myself – which is saying something.
  • I read a minimum of 5 books at a time. (Obviously in sequences, but I switch from chapter to chapter.)
  • I used to want to be a human rights attorney.
  • I giggle in my sleep…a lot.
  • My son also giggles in his sleep…a lot.
  • I hope to someday own an Aston Martin Vanquish…in gunmetal grey.

5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award. (In progress…)

6. Contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them. Provide a link to your post.

7. Proudly display the award logo (or buttons) on your blog, whether on your side bar, ABOUT page, or a special page for awards.


Fab & Frugal Deal of The Day: Shift Dress

This dress is a MUST HAVE! If you’re looking for something great for just about any occasion, go with the black. If you want something flirty and spring time fresh, go with the aqua. Either way, this dress is adorable and is an absolute steal at $29. Thank you, Nordstrom!

Wayf Long Sleeve Crepe Shift Dress ($29)

_8478530[3] _8695289[1]

Monday & Tuesday Pin-strocity Updates

Hello, fashionable friends!

Well, time to get caught up on the 60 day Pinterest challenge. For Monday, I decided to include a project I actually did prior to the start of the challenge. I made my own headboard! Yes, I know, it’s amazing. In all seriousness though, making my own headboard was both totally affordable and really pretty easy. I have a California king size bed, so my project is pretty much as expensive as it gets. I’ll post pictures later, but here’s the process just in case you’re considering your own DIY headboard.

DIY Headboard Pin-spiration


What you need

1/4″ to 3/4″ thick plywood


Durable Fabric



Staple Gun

Mounting Brackets

Spray Adhesive

Electric Screwdriver and screws

Button Kit (For Tufted Headboard)

Helpful Websites:\

My Story:

First of all, I wanted the cut of the headboard from the Pin-spiration pic, but I had a hard time finding a local handyman that could come out to my house to cut the wood perfectly for the right price. Instead, I went for a more modern look and kept the headboard the standard rectangle shape. I chose a great silvery velvet on clearance from a local fabric warehouse (thank goodness my mom is an interior designer that helps me out with the fabric biz), grabbed some buttons and the rest of the stuff and went to work. A few words of caution…don’t do this outside on a windy day, DEFINITELY recruit some help, and make sure you’ve given yourself tons of extra fabric. I also recommend picking up some basic muslin to finish up the back of the headboard. The muslin gives it a nicely finished touch without leaving plywood exposed. I should also state that for those of you wanting that nailhead finish – just go with the strips. I tried the individual nailheads because I thought they looked better and, let me tell you, it is SO not worth it! For complete instructions, just follow any one of the three sites listed above and you’ll be just fine. The project is cheap, looks great, and is actually a lot of fun to do. Monday’s pin-strocity challenge = conquered! **Pics are coming!**


Contouring 101: Pin-spiration


Let me just tell you, ladies, that this is amazing! I know contouring seems sort of simple, but this guide sort of changed my life. I’ve always sort of known what to do, but seeing the blush, bronzer, and concealer in their exact place and the right order for application was perfect for my routine. Not only are each of these approaches the great perk up to your daily make up routine, they make it easy to walk out of the house without too much eye make up on and still feel fabulous. When you want to dress it up for night, throw on some fancy schmancy eyeliner and a smokey eyeshadow and you’re good to go! I do recommend playing around with your blush/bronzer combo a bit though. I’ve found that I love Lorac’s matte bronzer with Benefit’s Rodeo blush, but I have to mix a bit of blush with a tiny bit of bronzer to get the perfect color combo. For a simple highlighter on the cheap, use a shimmery eye shadow.

Happy shopping, fashionable friends!!!

Pin-Strocity Challenge Days 1 & 2

Hello, fashionable friends!

Due to some connectivity issues over the weekend, I’m uploading the Pin-strocity projects from the last two days via a single post.

On Saturday, I decided to go for the DIY facials I am always seeing on Pinterest. After all, how awesome can these practically free skin miracles be? Well, I found that some of them can be just as note worthy as some salon treatments. I also found that a few of the DIY facial treatments are, well, nothing but a good way to get sticky!

For those of you with dull skin or dry skin, I very highly recommend the two recipes below for those items. For those of you with acne scars, I’d recommend investing in some La Mer and avoiding this lemony fiasco of a mask. I did not see great results here and, although I smelled wonderful, I think I wasted some pricey yogurt for a disappointing facial flop. I did not try the mask for the oily skin, but I hear it works some serious miracles. I’ll try it this next weeked and follow up with some comments. Here’s the original Pin:


My Sunday Pin test involved the so-called Victoria’s Secret workout. I looked at it thinking, “Anyone who’s walked more than two miles in the last month and done at least one push up can certainly do this.” By the time I had finished the routine, I had some serious burn in some odd places. I’m grading this Pin experiment pretty highly considering it did the trick in making me feel as though I had accomplished a Victoria’s Secret model worthy burn. Do my abs look instantly flatter….well, no. Would they in three or four weeks? Absolutely. Just click the pic for the workout link.

Victoria’s Secret Workout: Jet Set


Fab & Frugal Deal of the Day

Hello, fashionable friends!

I love this coral bag! It’s a great spring color and the size is great for carrying around all of a lady’s must-haves. For Less than $40, this bag is definitely worth adding to your spring wardrobe aresenal.

Happy shopping!

Coral New League Purse ($39.95)

02-22 Frugal Deal

Pin-spiration: Leopard Love

Good morning, fashionable friends!

I was browsing through Pinterest (again), and I noticed that leopard print is everywhere today! I hope you enjoy the leopard print inspiration pics as well as the fashionably frugal leopard print items to make those stylish Pinterest pics your reality. 

Happy shopping!

Leopard Love Inspiration Pics


Fabulously Frugal Leopard Love Picks

Leopard Fold Over Clutch ($95)


Chaus Leopard Print Drawstring Pant ($47)



Madden Girl Karizma Sandal ($69)



Leo Print Skinny Calf Hair Belt ($42)



Zara Leopard Print Cami ($9)


Combined Leopard Print Dress (79)


Vince Camuto Leopard Print Scarf ($38)



Donald J. Pilner Viky Leopard Loafers ($72)



Nine West Leopard Print Watch ($37)



Lord & Taylor Leopard Print Driving Gloves ($79)




Celebrity Copycat

Hello, fashionable friends!

It has been a busy, busy week! I have lots of exciting news to share with you in the next few days. My lack of posts has been due to some hard work on additional features, so I’d keep an eye out. This next week you can expect a WGGGB app for IOS, some awesome downloads, and a secret email list with great info on sales and additional WGGGB features. I may even have some insider celebrity tips coming your way – shhhh!

Also, keep in mind that you can ask via Twitter (@WGGGB) or direct comment for specific celebrity styles to be repurposed for the gal on a budget. For your recommendations, you’ll get an honorary post mention and be entered into an annual drawing for some fashionably fabulous prizes!

In honor of the “celebrity tips” hint, it’s time for a Celebrity Copycat post.

Emma has deservedly become a fashion icon and managed to almost disconnect from the frizzy-haired wizard gal-pal of her Harry Potter days. She has matured into quite the lovely young lady and managed to find a great sense of grown-up style along the way. Her favorite go-to wardrobe staple – cropped black pants. She wears them ALL the time and they always look great.

Emma Watson’s Street Style


Emma Watson’s Fashionably Frugal Copycat Look

Fantas Eyes Tortoise Shell Sunglasses ($12)


ASOS Black Secret Heat Shirt ($52)


Longline Double Breasted Coat ($76)


Nordstrom Edyson ‘Sloan’ Skinny Jeans ($33)


VC Signature Nancy Loafer ($99 – originally $225)


 Awesome Alternates

ASOS Classic Trench Coat ($79)


Free People Long Beach Tank ($20)


Wallace Oxfor by Steven Madden ($89)


Fab & Frugal Deal of the Day

Hello again!

This Anthropologie basic is ideal for any layering junkie. I try to buy this tank in every color every time it comes on sale because I love it that much! The colors range from red to neon yellow. I included two of this season’s new colors below.

If you’re looking for some wardrobe basics to layer beneath those winter duds or a great summer time top to pair with those cute cut-off shorts, this is your tank.

Anthropologie Basic Layering Tank ($9)

Tank 1 Tank 2

Comfy In Cargo

Hello again, fashionable friends!

I love a comfortable outfit which is also effortlessly adorable. Skinny military-inspired pants are all the rage right now and can be appropriate for many a body type. For a casual, feminine take on an otherwise masculine trend, check out this fashionably frugal ensemble…

Hinge Textured Cardigan ($46)


ASOS Tank High Neck ($14)


Tiri Cargo Pants ($59)

Cargo Pants

Red Dress Fashion Show – Day One

Hello, fashionable friends!

The Red Dress Fashion Show was a huge hit this year! In honor of that program, today’s post contains tons of awesome pieces in…you guessed it…RED.

Red has long been considered a wardrobe basic and continues to adorn runways across the seasons. Blonde, brunette, or ginger – red is your color! Enjoy this collection of chic, affordable red items and show your reddish hues in honor of those powerful individuals whom have battled heart disease and to create awareness for those who may still be at risk. In addition, keep a sharp lookout for multiple Red Dress galleries as the week goes on.

Happy shopping!

P.S. If you want more information about the Heart Truth Campaign, click here.

Marissa Dress ($89)

Red Dress 1

Babaton Freddie Dress ($75)


Babaton Chaplin Blouse ($95)


Lena Wrap Dress ($69)

Red Dress 2

French Knot Cardigan ($29)

Red Day 3

Wilfred Free Rollinson Blouse ($95)

Roseland Dress – Anthropologie ($189)

Red Dress 4

Ralph by Ralph Lauren Matte Jersey Dress ($89)


Fab & Frugal Deal of the Day (Again)

For those of you who haven’t quite gotten comfortable with the idea of buying a sandal, this bootie is a great cold-weather option. The price point is perfect and the shoe is ideal for that icky weather that keeps us stylishly bundled up.

Happy shopping, fashionable friends!

Steven by Steve Madden Sandra Leather Ankle Bootie ($71)


Fab & Frugal Deal of The Day

Good morning, fashionable friends!

These shoes are certainly fabulous and most definitely a deal! I fell in love with these lovely platform wedge sandals the moment I saw them. I shrinkingly clicked on the link assuming the price point would be near $200, but was happy to find a mere $79 price tag. These sandals are spring/summer wardrobe staples in fabulous neutral colors and have tons of personality.

Go. Buy. Wear when the sun shines.

Dolce Vita Platform Wedge Sandals ($79.00)

Dolce Vita Platform Sandal

Dolce Vita Platform Sandal

Beginning Again…

Good morning, fashionable friends!

I’ve been MIA over the last few months for various reasons. I am officially reinstating my daily blogging schedule starting today.

Before I begin my fashionably frugal posts, I would like to address a couple of comments that have been left on the blog.

For those of you who know me from Yahoo’s Financially Fit series, you know that I have a strong background in finance and that, at one point, was someone who many of you looked up to in terms of family, faith and money matters. Although I have not changed my ethics or financial practices, some things in my life have indeed changed. I do not feel the need to explain my situation in detail, but I do think that it is fair to answer some of the lingering questions.

Firstly, it is true that I won the Financially Fit series contest due to my savvy financial practices and my ability to successfully manage a household on a tight budget. Those practices had been in place since long before I was married and much of our financial success as partners was due to the habits put in place before we had ever met. My current financial situation is not due to a shift in my financial practices, but rather due to situation, which leads me to my next point.

My marriage was complicated and I do not wish to disclose the reasons that lead to divorce. Although many of you have indicated curiosity pertaining to the matter, I will not be “hanging my dirty laundry out to dry”.  I do, however, want to explain that much of the financial hardship I am now experiencing is a direct product of divorce and the painful process that it can be.

My life has changed a lot since the series was produced and I am not any less of a person for having gone through those hardships, rather I am stronger and wiser for having endured them. I hope that those of you who know me from previous blogs or series will stand with me as I recreate and rebuild myself both financially and emotionally. After all, we all have trials that humble us and force us to begin anew even if those trials come in varying forms and magnitudes.

For those of you who wonder where I am now, I am both at peace and inexplicably happy. I have the world’s most amazing son and someone who loves both Erik and I unconditionally. My life has indeed changed, and it is a much happier reality than it once was. I am humbled to be starting over financially, but grateful for the beautiful chance at happiness that I’ve been given.

And now…let us all begin again and get back to being fabulous.

Fashionably yours,

The Good Girl Who When Broke