Daily Archives: February 24, 2014

Pin-Strocity Challenge Days 1 & 2

Hello, fashionable friends!

Due to some connectivity issues over the weekend, I’m uploading the Pin-strocity projects from the last two days via a single post.

On Saturday, I decided to go for the DIY facials I am always seeing on Pinterest. After all, how awesome can these practically free skin miracles be? Well, I found that some of them can be just as note worthy as some salon treatments. I also found that a few of the DIY facial treatments are, well, nothing but a good way to get sticky!

For those of you with dull skin or dry skin, I very highly recommend the two recipes below for those items. For those of you with acne scars, I’d recommend investing in some La Mer and avoiding this lemony fiasco of a mask. I did not see great results here and, although I smelled wonderful, I think I wasted some pricey yogurt for a disappointing facial flop. I did not try the mask for the oily skin, but I hear it works some serious miracles. I’ll try it this next weeked and follow up with some comments. Here’s the original Pin:


My Sunday Pin test involved the so-called Victoria’s Secret workout. I looked at it thinking, “Anyone who’s walked more than two miles in the last month and done at least one push up can certainly do this.” By the time I had finished the routine, I had some serious burn in some odd places. I’m grading this Pin experiment pretty highly considering it did the trick in making me feel as though I had accomplished a Victoria’s Secret model worthy burn. Do my abs look instantly flatter….well, no. Would they in three or four weeks? Absolutely. Just click the pic for the workout link.

Victoria’s Secret Workout: Jet Set