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Fab & Frugal Deal of The Day: Shift Dress

This dress is a MUST HAVE! If you’re looking for something great for just about any occasion, go with the black. If you want something flirty and spring time fresh, go with the aqua. Either way, this dress is adorable and is an absolute steal at $29. Thank you, Nordstrom!

Wayf Long Sleeve Crepe Shift Dress ($29)

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Monday & Tuesday Pin-strocity Updates

Hello, fashionable friends!

Well, time to get caught up on the 60 day Pinterest challenge. For Monday, I decided to include a project I actually did prior to the start of the challenge. I made my own headboard! Yes, I know, it’s amazing. In all seriousness though, making my own headboard was both totally affordable and really pretty easy. I have a California king size bed, so my project is pretty much as expensive as it gets. I’ll post pictures later, but here’s the process just in case you’re considering your own DIY headboard.

DIY Headboard Pin-spiration


What you need

1/4″ to 3/4″ thick plywood


Durable Fabric



Staple Gun

Mounting Brackets

Spray Adhesive

Electric Screwdriver and screws

Button Kit (For Tufted Headboard)

Helpful Websites:




My Story:

First of all, I wanted the cut of the headboard from the Pin-spiration pic, but I had a hard time finding a local handyman that could come out to my house to cut the wood perfectly for the right price. Instead, I went for a more modern look and kept the headboard the standard rectangle shape. I chose a great silvery velvet on clearance from a local fabric warehouse (thank goodness my mom is an interior designer that helps me out with the fabric biz), grabbed some buttons and the rest of the stuff and went to work. A few words of caution…don’t do this outside on a windy day, DEFINITELY recruit some help, and make sure you’ve given yourself tons of extra fabric. I also recommend picking up some basic muslin to finish up the back of the headboard. The muslin gives it a nicely finished touch without leaving plywood exposed. I should also state that for those of you wanting that nailhead finish – just go with the strips. I tried the individual nailheads because I thought they looked better and, let me tell you, it is SO not worth it! For complete instructions, just follow any one of the three sites listed above and you’ll be just fine. The project is cheap, looks great, and is actually a lot of fun to do. Monday’s pin-strocity challenge = conquered! **Pics are coming!**


Contouring 101: Pin-spiration


Let me just tell you, ladies, that this is amazing! I know contouring seems sort of simple, but this guide sort of changed my life. I’ve always sort of known what to do, but seeing the blush, bronzer, and concealer in their exact place and the right order for application was perfect for my routine. Not only are each of these approaches the great perk up to your daily make up routine, they make it easy to walk out of the house without too much eye make up on and still feel fabulous. When you want to dress it up for night, throw on some fancy schmancy eyeliner and a smokey eyeshadow and you’re good to go! I do recommend playing around with your blush/bronzer combo a bit though. I’ve found that I love Lorac’s matte bronzer with Benefit’s Rodeo blush, but I have to mix a bit of blush with a tiny bit of bronzer to get the perfect color combo. For a simple highlighter on the cheap, use a shimmery eye shadow.

Happy shopping, fashionable friends!!!