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Fab & Frugal Deal of the Day #2: Gold & Tortoise Bib Necklace

I AM LOVING THIS SO MUCH! If you don’t know about Gilt Group, you’ve been missing out. Think designer everything on a regular gal’s budget (most of the time).

If you’re not a member of the awesome flash deal site, click this link and use me as your reference so that I can earn some credits to aid in my ongoing love affair with shopping: Gilt Group Invitation

Gold & Tortoise Bib Necklace ($59)


Fab & Frugal Deal of the Day: Bobby Pins

Good morning again, fashionable friends!

I love these adorable jeweled bobby pins from Nordstroms. They may seem a tad pricey for bobby pins, but they’re durable and timeless. They’re the perfect hint of sparkle for short hair or long hair and they can make a dull day bun seem like a work of art.

Go. Buy. Look fabulous!

Berry Bobby Pins ($10)

Berry Bobby Pins

Bonus Deal: Super Cute Lolo Sunglasses Pouch


Pin-strocity Day 5: Beat Dry Skin

Good morning, fashionable friends!

Day 5 of the sixty day challenge was probably close to one of the best things I’ve tested on Pinterest…ever. To be fair, my mom did mention something about this to me a few months ago, but I saw it on Pinterest and only then did I officially try it for the first time.

Winter air in Texas can be harsh. What suffers most from the turbulent wind and icy breeze is not so much my body temperature, but my skin. Everything just feels dry and sort of aged; however, this brilliant Pin has changed all of that.

#1. Shower/bathe in warm water (not hot)

#2. Towel dry skin very gently

#3. Apply a moisturizing oil. I included a link to my favorite body oil below, but the original Pinner recommended Johnson’s.

#4. Get dry (do your makeup, hair, etc.)

#5. Apply regular moisturizer




My Body Oil Favorites:

Lemon & Vitamin E Bath and Body Oil ($8)

Lemon Body Oil

Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil ($6)

Mama Bee

WGGGB receives the Very Inspiring Blogger award!

Thanks, dear #petrel41, for this generous gesture!

The rules of this award are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.

2. Display the award on your post.

3. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.

4. State 7 things about yourself.

  • I secretly wish I had an Australian accent.
  • I almost love shopping for my toddler son more than I like shopping for myself – which is saying something.
  • I read a minimum of 5 books at a time. (Obviously in sequences, but I switch from chapter to chapter.)
  • I used to want to be a human rights attorney.
  • I giggle in my sleep…a lot.
  • My son also giggles in his sleep…a lot.
  • I hope to someday own an Aston Martin Vanquish…in gunmetal grey.

5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award. (In progress…)

6. Contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them. Provide a link to your post.

7. Proudly display the award logo (or buttons) on your blog, whether on your side bar, ABOUT page, or a special page for awards.