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Fab & Frugal Deal of the Day (Again)

For those of you who haven’t quite gotten comfortable with the idea of buying a sandal, this bootie is a great cold-weather option. The price point is perfect and the shoe is ideal for that icky weather that keeps us stylishly bundled up.

Happy shopping, fashionable friends!

Steven by Steve Madden Sandra Leather Ankle Bootie ($71)


Fab & Frugal Deal of The Day

Good morning, fashionable friends!

These shoes are certainly fabulous and most definitely a deal! I fell in love with these lovely platform wedge sandals the moment I saw them. I shrinkingly clicked on the link assuming the price point would be near $200, but was happy to find a mere $79 price tag. These sandals are spring/summer wardrobe staples in fabulous neutral colors and have tons of personality.

Go. Buy. Wear when the sun shines.

Dolce Vita Platform Wedge Sandals ($79.00)

Dolce Vita Platform Sandal

Dolce Vita Platform Sandal

Beginning Again…

Good morning, fashionable friends!

I’ve been MIA over the last few months for various reasons. I am officially reinstating my daily blogging schedule starting today.

Before I begin my fashionably frugal posts, I would like to address a couple of comments that have been left on the blog.

For those of you who know me from Yahoo’s Financially Fit series, you know that I have a strong background in finance and that, at one point, was someone who many of you looked up to in terms of family, faith and money matters. Although I have not changed my ethics or financial practices, some things in my life have indeed changed. I do not feel the need to explain my situation in detail, but I do think that it is fair to answer some of the lingering questions.

Firstly, it is true that I won the Financially Fit series contest due to my savvy financial practices and my ability to successfully manage a household on a tight budget. Those practices had been in place since long before I was married and much of our financial success as partners was due to the habits put in place before we had ever met. My current financial situation is not due to a shift in my financial practices, but rather due to situation, which leads me to my next point.

My marriage was complicated and I do not wish to disclose the reasons that lead to divorce. Although many of you have indicated curiosity pertaining to the matter, I will not be “hanging my dirty laundry out to dry”.  I do, however, want to explain that much of the financial hardship I am now experiencing is a direct product of divorce and the painful process that it can be.

My life has changed a lot since the series was produced and I am not any less of a person for having gone through those hardships, rather I am stronger and wiser for having endured them. I hope that those of you who know me from previous blogs or series will stand with me as I recreate and rebuild myself both financially and emotionally. After all, we all have trials that humble us and force us to begin anew even if those trials come in varying forms and magnitudes.

For those of you who wonder where I am now, I am both at peace and inexplicably happy. I have the world’s most amazing son and someone who loves both Erik and I unconditionally. My life has indeed changed, and it is a much happier reality than it once was. I am humbled to be starting over financially, but grateful for the beautiful chance at happiness that I’ve been given.

And now…let us all begin again and get back to being fabulous.

Fashionably yours,

The Good Girl Who When Broke